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Witaj w świecie Naruto New World!

Naruto New World to gra 2D oparta na świecie Naruto autorstwa Masashiego Kishimoto, w której możesz stworzyć unikalną postać za darmo i samodzielnie lub w grupie podróżować po ogromnym świecie shinobi! Utwórz konto i dołącz do najlepszej społeczności Naruto!

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    Victor Arc

    By Nian, in Aktualizacje,


    Victor Arc

    Discover the secrets of the medical campaign...!

    Discover Victor's true intentions through the secrets he hides in his medical campaign. What exactly is Victor planning? Can it be stopped?

    Yubina Camp

    Yubina's camp appeared in the desert areas of the land of the wind. Use her medical knowledge to power up and go into battle!


    Kaminari Burger's

    Not only Yubina has an ace up her sleeve. The newly opened Konoha store provides a corresponding increase in strength.


    Rework: Weapons and armour parts

    Unique items with unique bonuses? Yes! However, only with selected opponents. Not in random drop.


    Rework: Original Jutsu effects

    Upgrade your technique to learn the true power of your technique.

    New Ninja Way: Shisui

    ...Shisui joins the fight, drilling enemies ...!



    Halloween 2020

    By Nian, in Aktualizacje,



    HALLOWEEN 2020

    Evil is back. A powerful spiritual force hits the shinobi world again haunting the area.


    25.10 - 08.11


    Earn pumpkins by fighting your opponents for interesting rewards.

    Cursed enemies

    Be careful! When the boss dies, he has a 5% chance to resurrect and then turn into a cursed enemy. A cursed opponent has a 100% drop rate for dangerous pumpkin.

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