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Welcome to Naruto New World!

Naruto New World is a 2D game based on the world of Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto, where you can create a unique character for free, and alone or in a group travel the huge world of shinobi! Create an account and join the best Naruto community!

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    You can support the game with a donation, for which you will receive points to spend in the game. The points are Yang. Thank you very much for any help!

    How to use: TipAndDonation

    1.Choose payment method.

    2.Type character name into message.

    3.Your Yang points will be delivered same day!




    3 EUR/USD: 200 Yang

    8 EUR PaySafeCard: 200 Yang


    10zł SMS: 100 Yang

    15zł PayPal/Przelew: 200 Yang

    20zł PaySafeCard: 200 Yang


    The functions are activated through the shop available in the game. 

    1000 Yang: Gold Shinobi - become an official supporter of the game supporting its development, thereby gaining special features.

    1000 Yang: Battle-Pass - Receive rewards by earning experience points.

    500 Yang: Premium Jutsu - Unlock access to advanced specializations and clans.

    300 Yang: Hide info - Hide your character's name, health and chakra on G / H buttons.

    200 Yang: Change specialization - Change specialization without losing learned jutsus.

    200 Yang: Change clan - Change clan without losing learned jutsus.

    200 Yang: Change prophecy - Change prophecy for random.

    200 Yang: 30 Yin - special currency into game, for which we can buy special nature scrolls.

    200 Yang: Gelel stone - it can upgrade our items with 100% chance.

    100 Yang: Runic stone - it can improve items without going to blacksmith.

    100 Yang: Skeleton key - increase global exp into x2 for one hour.

    Thank you for supporting our game.

    Edited by Nian

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